Creative Workskills provides workshops, coaching, team-building and training sessions for those looking to expand, diversify and improve on their practice. Suitable for individuals, small or large groups, we can tailor make a plan for you, or you can join one of our central Edinburgh-based courses.

Our aim is to help as many people as possible to reach their potential, find fulfilment and achieve greater success, through an adventurous and creative approach to work. 


There’s a social process to constructing ideas and developing possible solutions to problems. By providing a space for imaginative and active engagement, deep and transformative learning can be experienced. This helps foster spontaneous and autonomous thinking, where we make our own interpretations, rather than acting on the purposes, beliefs, judgements and feelings of others. Through a better understanding of self, we can experience a level of psychological and behavioural freedom, directly impacting on both our personal and professional lives.

Tool kit

Drawing on a range of skills, our bespoke programmes incorporate techniques from the spheres of: life-coaching, drama, improvisation, occupational therapy, business management, counselling and art.


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